Linear Electric Actuators

    • Linear Electric Actuators are majorly used in hospital beds, operation theatre beds, dental chairs and other furniture that can be automated. 
    • In addition, it can be integrated to design the modular kitchen. We offer best in class actuator based on the functionalities and preference of our customers.
    • We offer long maintenance-free actuators.
    • Quality being the prime concern, we are developing highly durable range of ICU control unit.
    • Different types of connectors are also available.
    • We are also developing a control unit that can operate the actuator according to the specific requirements of the customer, allowing for both upward and downward movement of the actuator.
1. Easy installation.
2. Low maintenance cost
3. Light weight
4. Customizable stroke length
5. A variety of IP ratings are available IP20, IP43, IP54, IP65, IP67
6. Various Load Capacity from 120N to 8000N
7. 12V & 24V DC Supply
8. The wire length is extendable  according  to the customer needs.


1.Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_100mm, 12VDC,4mm/sec, 6000N,IP43KS_FY011210060004BrochureWatch video275375CE
2.Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_150mm, 12VDC,4mm/sec, 6000N,IP43KS_FY011215060004BrochureWatch video325475CE
3.Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_300mm, 12VDC,4mm/sec,6000N,IP43KS_FY011230060004Brochure475775CE
4Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_50mm, 24VDC, 4mmsec,6000N, IP43KS_FY01245060004BrochureWatch video225275CE
5Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_100mm, 24VDC,4mmsec, 6000N,IP43KS_FY012410060004BrochureWatch video275375CE
6Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_150mm, 24VDC,4mmsec,6000N,IP43KS_FY012415060004BrochureWatch video325475CE
7KS_FY012415060004BrochureWatch Video325475CE
8Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_200mm, 24VDC,4mmsec,6000N,IP43KS_FY012420060004BrochureWatch video375575CE
9Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_250mm, 24VDC,4mmsec,6000N,IP43KS_FY012425060004BrochureWatch video425675
10Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_300mm, 24VDC,4mmsec,6000N,IP43KS_FY012430060004BrochureWatch video475775CE
11KS_FY012440060004BrochureWatch video575975CE
12Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_600mm, 24VDC,4mmsec,6000N,IP43KS_FY012460060004BrochureWatch video7751375CE
13Linear Actuator_KS_FY011C_150mm, 24VDC,4mmsec,6000N,IP65KS_FY011C2415060004BrochureWatch video325475CE
14Linear Actuator_KS_FY011D_150mm, 24VDC,10mmsec, 4000N,IP43KS_FY011D24150400010BrochureWatch video325475CE
15KS_FY011E2415080004BrochureWatch video325475CE
16Linear Actuator_KS_FY011E_200mm, 24VDC,4mmsec, 8000N,IP67KS_FY011E2420080004BrochureWatch video375575CE
17Linear Actuator_KS_FY011E_300mm, 24VDC,4mmsec,8000N,IP67KS_FY011E2430080004BrochureWatch video475775CE
18KS_FY011F2410015008BrochureWatch video235335CE
19KS_FY01224100200010BrochureWatch video280380CE
20Linear Actuator_KS_FY012_100mm, 24VDC, 4mmsec, 6000N, IP54KS_FY0122410060004BrochureWatch Video280380CE
Linear Actuator_KS_FY012_150mm, 24VDC, 10mms, 2000NKS_FY01224150200010BrochureWatch Video325475CE
22Linear Actuator_KS_FY012_150mm, 24VDC,4mmsec,6000N,IP54KS_FY0122415060004BrochureWatch video325475CE
23Linear Actuator_KS_FY013_100mm, 24VDC, 4mms, 8000N, IP54KS_FY0132410080004BrochureWatch Video305405CE
24Linear Actuator_KS_FY013_150mm, 24VDC, 4mms, 8000N, IP54KS_FY0132415080004BrochureWatch Video325475CE
25Linear Actuator_KS_FY013_300mm, 24VDC,4mmsec,8000N,IP54KS_FY0132430080004BrochureWatch video475775CE
26Slider Drive Linear Actuator_KS_FY014_150mm, 24VDC,18mmsec, 1500N,IP20KS_FY01424150150018BrochureWatch video156306CE
27Linear Actuator_KS_FY017_100mm, 12VDC,40mmsec,200N,IP65KS_FY0171210020040BrochureWatch video205305CE
28KS_FY017243075010BrochureWatch video135165CE
29Linear Actuator_KS_FY017_40mm, 24VDC, 15mmsec, 500N,IP65 (2)KS_FY017244050015BrochureWatch video145185CE
30Linear Actuator_KS_FY017_50mm, 24VDC,40mmsec,200N,IP65KS_FY017245020040BrochureWatch video155205CE
31Linear Actuator_KS_FY017_100mm, 24VDC,40mmsec,200N,IP65KS_FY0172410020040BrochureWatch video205305CE
32Linear Actuator_KS_FY017_150mm, 24VDC,40mmsec,200N,IP65KS_FY0172415020040BrochureWatch video255405CE
33KS_FY0172420020040BrochureWatch video305505CE
34Linear Actuator_KS_FY017_150mm, 24VDC,40mmsec,200N,IP65KS_FY017 (Feedback-with-Linear-Actuator-with-Potentiometer)2420012004BrochureWatch video305505CE
35Linear Actuator_KS_FY017_250mm, 24VDC,40mmsec,200NKS_FY0172425020040BrochureWatch video355605CE
36Linear Actuator_KS_FY017_300mm, 24VDC,40mmsec,200NKS_FY0172430020040BrochureWatch video405705CE
37Column Actuator_KS_FY018_300mm, 24VDC,4mmsec, 6000N,IP20KS_FY0182430060004BrochureWatch video450750CE
38Column Actuator_KS_FY018B_300mm, 24VDC,8mmsec, 1500N,IP20KS_FY018B2430015008BrochureWatch video350650CE
39Linear Actuator_KS_FY021_150mm, 24VDC,5mmsec,1000N,IP54KS_FY0212415010005BrochureWatch video400550CE
40Linear Actuator_KS_FY021B_50mm, 24VDC,7mmsec,120NKS_FY021B24501207BrochureWatch video175225CE
41Linear Actuator_KS_FY021B_100mm, 24VDC,7mmsec,120NKS_FY021B241001207BrochureWatch video225325CE
42KS_FY021B241501207BrochureWatch video275325CE
43Linear Actuator_KS_FY022_100mm, 12VDC, 7mms, 2500NKS_FY0221210025007Brochure225325CE
44Linear Actuator_KS_FY022_100mm, 24VDC,7mmsec,2500N,IP65KS_FY0222410025007BrochureWatch video225325CE
45Linear Actuator_KS_FY022_100mm, 24VDC,7mmsec,2500N,IP65KS_FY0222415025007BrochureWatch video275425CE
Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_100mm, 12VDC,4mm/sec, 6000N,IP43

Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_100mm, 12VDC,4mm/sec, 6000N,IP43

Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_50mm, 24VDC, 4mmsec,6000N, IP43

Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_50mm, 24VDC, 4mm/sec,6000N, IP43

Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_150mm, 12VDC,4mm/sec, 6000N,IP43

Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_150mm, 12VDC,4mm/sec, 6000N,IP43

Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_100mm, 24VDC,4mmsec, 6000N,IP43, Linear Electric Actuators

Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_100mm, 24VDC,4mm/sec, 6000N,IP43

Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_300mm, 12VDC,4mm/sec,6000N,IP43

Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_300mm, 12VDC,4mm/sec,6000N,IP43

Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_150mm, 24VDC,4mmsec,6000N,IP43

Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_150mm, 24VDC,4mm/sec,6000N,IP43

Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_150mm, 24VDC,4mmsec, 6000N,IP43 Feedback Linear Actuator (with Hall Effect Sensor)

Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_150mm, 24VDC,4mm/sec, 6000N,IP43 Feedback Linear Actuator (with Hall Effect Sensor)

Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_200mm, 24VDC,4mmsec,6000N,IP43

Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_200mm, 24VDC,4mm/sec,6000N,IP43

Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_250mm, 24VDC,4mmsec,6000N,IP43

Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_250mm, 24VDC,4mm/sec,6000N,IP43

Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_300mm, 24VDC,4mmsec,6000N,IP43

Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_300mm, 24VDC,4mm/sec,6000N,IP43

Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_400mm, 24VDC,4mmsec,6000N,IP43

Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_400mm, 24VDC,4mm/sec,6000N,IP43

Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_600mm, 24VDC,4mmsec,6000N,IP43

Linear Actuator_KS_FY01_600mm, 24VDC,4mm/sec,6000N,IP43

Linear Actuator_KS_FY011C_150mm, 24VDC,4mmsec,6000N,IP65

Linear Actuator_KS_FY011C_150mm, 24VDC,4mm/sec,6000N,IP65

Linear Actuator_KS_FY011D_150mm, 24VDC,10mmsec, 4000N,IP43

Linear Actuator_KS_FY011D_150mm, 24VDC,10mm/sec, 4000N,IP43

Linear Actuator_KS_FY011E_150mm, 24VDC,4mmsec,8000N,IP67

Linear Actuator_KS_FY011E_150mm, 24VDC,4mm/sec,8000N,IP67


Linear Actuator_KS_FY011E_200mm, 24VDC,4mmsec, 8000N,IP67

Linear Actuator_KS_FY011E_200mm, 24VDC,4mm/sec, 8000N,IP67

Linear Actuator_KS_FY011E_300mm, 24VDC,4mmsec,8000N,IP67

Linear Actuator_KS_FY011E_300mm, 24VDC,4mm/sec,8000N,IP67

Linear Actuator_KS_FY011F_100mm, 24VDC,8mm/sec,1500N

Linear Actuator_KS_FY011F_100mm, 24VDC,8mm/sec,1500N

Linear Actuator_KS_FY012_100mm, 24VDC, 4mmsec, 6000N, IP54

Linear Actuator_KS_FY012_100mm, 24VDC, 4mm/sec, 6000N, IP54

Linear Actuator_KS_FY012_100mm, 24VDC,10mmsec,2000N

Linear Actuator_KS_FY012_100mm, 24VDC,10mm/sec,2000N

Linear Actuator_KS_FY012_150mm, 24VDC,4mmsec,6000N,IP54

Linear Actuator_KS_FY012_150mm,  24VDC,4mm/sec,6000N,IP54

Linear Actuator_KS_FY012_150mm, 24VDC, 10mms, 2000N

Linear Actuator_KS_FY012_150mm, 24VDC, 10mm/s, 2000N

Linear Actuator_KS_FY013_300mm, 24VDC,4mmsec,8000N,IP54

Linear Actuator_KS_FY013_300mm, 24VDC,4mm/sec,8000N,IP54

Linear Actuator_KS_FY017_30mm, 24VDC,10mm/sec, 750N,IP65

Linear Actuator_KS_FY017_30mm, 24VDC,10mm/sec, 750N,IP65

Linear Actuator_KS_FY017_100mm, 24VDC,40mmsec,200N,IP65

Linear Actuator_KS_FY017_100mm, 24VDC,40mm/sec,200N,IP65

Linear Actuator_KS_FY017_150mm, 24VDC,40mmsec,200N,IP65

Linear Actuator_KS_FY017_200mm, 24VDC,4mm/sec,1200N,IP65 Feedback with Linear Actuator (with Potentiometer)

Linear Actuator_KS_FY013_100mm, 24VDC, 4mms, 8000N, IP54

Linear Actuator_KS_FY013_100mm, 24VDC, 4mm/s, 8000N, IP54

Slider Drive Linear Actuator_KS_FY014_150mm, 24VDC,18mmsec, 1500N,IP20

Slider Drive Linear Actuator_KS_FY014_150mm, 24VDC,18mm/sec, 1500N,IP20

Linear Actuator_KS_FY017_40mm, 24VDC, 15mmsec, 500N,IP65 (2)

Linear Actuator_KS_FY017_40mm, 24VDC, 15mm/sec, 500N,IP65

Linear Actuator_KS_FY017_150mm, 24VDC,40mmsec,200N,IP65

Linear Actuator_KS_FY017_150mm, 24VDC,40mm/sec,200N,IP65

Linear Actuator_KS_FY017_250mm, 24VDC,40mmsec,200N

Linear Actuator_KS_FY017_250mm, 24VDC,40mm/sec,200N

Linear Actuator_KS_FY013_150mm, 24VDC, 4mms, 8000N, IP54

Linear Actuator_KS_FY013_150mm, 24VDC, 4mm/s, 8000N, IP54

Linear Actuator_KS_FY017_100mm, 12VDC,40mmsec,200N,IP65

Linear Actuator_KS_FY017_100mm, 12VDC,40mm/sec,200N,IP65

Linear Actuator_KS_FY017_50mm, 24VDC,40mmsec,200N,IP65

Linear Actuator_KS_FY017_50mm, 24VDC,40mm/sec,200N,IP65

Linear Actuator_KS_FY017_200mm,24VDC,40mm/sec,200N,IP65<br />

Linear Actuator_KS_FY017_200mm, 24VDC,40mm/sec,200N,IP65

Linear Actuator_KS_FY017_300mm, 24VDC,40mmsec,200N

Linear Actuator_KS_FY017_300mm, 24VDC,40mm/sec,200N

Column Actuator_KS_FY018_300mm, 24VDC,4mmsec, 6000N,IP20

Column Actuator_KS_FY018_300mm, 24VDC,4mm/sec, 6000N,IP20

Column Actuator_KS_FY018B_300mm, 24VDC,8mmsec, 1500N,IP20

Column Actuator_KS_FY018B_300mm, 24VDC,8mm/sec, 1500N,IP20

Linear Actuator_KS_FY021_150mm, 24VDC,5mmsec,1000N,IP54

Linear Actuator_KS_FY021_150mm, 24VDC,5mm/sec,1000N,IP54

Linear Actuator_KS_FY021B_50mm, 24VDC,7mmsec,120N

Linear Actuator_KS_FY021B_50mm, 24VDC,7mm/sec,120N

Linear Actuator_KS_FY022_100mm, 12VDC, 7mms, 2500N

Linear Actuator_KS_FY022_100mm, 12VDC, 7mm/s, 2500N

Linear Actuator_KS_FY021B_100mm, 24VDC,7mmsec,120N

Linear Actuator_KS_FY021B_100mm, 24VDC,7mm/sec,120N

Linear Actuator_KS_FY022_100mm, 24VDC,7mmsec,2500N,IP65

Linear Actuator_KS_FY022_100mm, 24VDC,7mm/sec,2500N,IP65

Linear Actuator_KS_FY021B_100mm, 24VDC,7mm/sec,120N

Linear Actuator_KS_FY021B_150mm, 24VDC,7mm/sec,120N

Linear Actuator_KS_FY022_100mm, 24VDC,7mmsec,2500N,IP65

Linear Actuator_KS_FY022_150mm, 24VDC,7mm/sec,2500N,IP65

Actuator control units

  • Input voltage: 230V AC 
  • Frequency: 50Hz 
  • Operating voltage:24V DC/12V DC.
  • Current rating:2.3A/6A
  • Material used: ABS
  • ISO certified.
There are one function, two function, three function, four function and five function control units
what is actuators?

Actuators are devices or components that are responsible for converting electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, or mechanical signals into physical motion or action. They are commonly used in various systems and applications to control and manipulate mechanisms, equipment, or processes.

What is the working principle of Linear Actuator?

Linear actuators work by converting rotational motion into linear motion. This is achieved through the use of a motor, which rotates a screw or nut that is attached to a rod. As the screw or nut rotates, it moves the rod in a linear direction, allowing the actuator to push or pull objects. The speed and force of the actuator can be controlled by adjusting the motor speed and the pitch of the screw or nut.

how the Linear actuator work?

Linear actuators work by converting rotational motion into linear motion. They use a motor to rotate a screw or a nut, which in turn moves a rod or a carriage along a linear track. This motion can be used to lift, push, or pull objects, and is commonly used in industrial automation, robotics, and other applications.

How many types of actuators are Available?

There are several types of actuators, including electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical and electromechanical. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of which one to use depends on the specific application and requirements.

how to build a linear actuator?

Building your own linear actuator can be a fun and rewarding project. You will need a few basic materials, such as a motor, a threaded rod, and some nuts and bolts. There are many tutorials and guides available online to help you through the process, and you can customize your actuator to fit your specific needs.

How to calculate the linear actuator position?

To calculate the position of a linear actuator, you need to know the stroke length (the distance the actuator can travel), the current position of the actuator, and the direction in which it is moving. You can use this information to calculate the actuator’s position using a simple formula: Position = Current Position + (Stroke Length x Direction).

How much weight can a linear actuator lift?

The weight capacity of a linear actuator depends on several factors, including the size and type of actuator, the speed and force required, and the load distribution. Generally, linear actuators can lift anywhere from a few pounds to several hundred pounds, so it’s important to choose the right one for your specific application.

what does a linear actuator will do?

It is used to move or control a load in a straight line, such as opening and closing a valve or moving a robotic arm. Linear actuators can be powered by electricity, hydraulics, or pneumatics, and come in various sizes and types depending on the application.

What is an electric linear actuator?

An electric linear actuator is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy to create linear motion. It typically consists of a motor, a lead screw or ball screw, and a nut or carriage.

What are some applications of linear actuators?

Linear actuators are used in a wide range of Push and Pull Applications, which include robotics, automation, manufacturing, medical devices, Window opening and closing system, electric patient hoist system, Valve opening and closing system, Door opening and closing system, electric modular kitchen, automated electric bed.

What factors should be considered when selecting a linear actuator?

When selecting a linear actuator, factors to consider include the required Voltage, Load, speed, stroke length, duty cycle, environmental conditions, and mounting options.

Different Names for same Linear Actuators?

Linear Actuator is used to convert Rotational Motion to Linear Motion. This Linear Actuator has many different Names. They are Electric Actuator, electric linear actuator, actuators, linear electric actuators, electric linear actuators, linear electric actuator, actuator linear electric, linear actuator electric, electric actuator linear

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